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Mega started doing game servers way back in the days of Quake and many of our servers still carry the name megaquake. It's not just running Left4Dead 2 game servers we have experience with, its running servers period. Many games, many apps. Its not just our hobby but our profession and passion. We strive every day to bring you the best game experience in this world or any other.
Hundreds of thousands of people have been through our servers in the past few years. We strive to make sure each person gets a game experience like no other.  Mega, WeAreBorg, and the MTMS admins are the unsung heroes that sit in the shadows and make this stuff run, and all they get in return is the gratification that they've let someone have a good time on an MTMS server.


Consider donating today to help keep MTMS servers the best in the world. Be a part of something that just wants people to have a good time.

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